Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I need a little Christmas

Hi! Happy Wednesday!
It's two weeks til Christmas. Do you know that I don't have a Christmas tree yet?  My daughter basically called me a looser this morning!  So, that means I better deck some halls pretty quickly or I'll be on the naughty list.
There's something to be said about being so busy that we forget the important things. Like making home festive. And inviting people in to share a warm fire and a cozy drink. Or a cozy fire and a warm drink! Starting a business is exhausting...and time consuming. And while I'm super excited about what's happening in our lives in that respect,  good grief....we don't have a Christmas tree!

Shopping is done, and that's a huge relief.
Contract sewing is done, and that's a huge relief. I just finished the last of the American Girl dress sets and shipped them away!

How nice it was to attack my alterations pile! Two jackets down and three to go!  I swore I would do the alterations before making anything new from scratch and I'm sticking to it!


Because a cute co-worker walked in this week wearing a duffle coat. And I was instantly in love. Such a classic, timeless coat! And I remembered that Collette has a new duffle coat pattern..The Albion.  and now I want it.  And I want it in this color:

Isn't this sharp?  
Or how about this?

I do need a new coat.... but first, I'm going to make some Christmas tonight.


  1. I love that coat pattern, too. A red one would be nice, too. Merry Christmas, have fun decking the halls.

  2. Teeheehee, better get your tree up! My husband was out of the country for a week, so I took advantage of that and dragged home an enormous tree! He was pretty taken aback by the size of the tree when he got home last night! I say, get a big tree and go to town with your favorite ornaments!

    Love that duffle pattern! I really want one, too, maybe in orange? I love the idea of a cream-colored one on you-- would look great with your coloring! Do it!

  3. I love that coat! Probably in any color.

    Grey. Black. Navy. Red. Yellow(mmm). Winter White. Deep Plum.

    It's FABULOUS.

  4. Red wool would be great or a tweed (I'm a sucker for winter white though) - such a classic style. Trying to get all my decorating done too, I think it snuck up too quick this year.

  5. Haul out the holly!!! We need a little Christmas! Our tree is up and it is so peaceful looking!

  6. I love these newpatterns for sewing! Looking forward to a sew along – or at least some sewing tips!


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