Wednesday, August 14, 2013

a coat that is stuck in my brain, and thrifting during weight loss

                                                         I am in love with this coat.
And, of course, it's Burda, and it's a pdf pattern. AND I have to make it.  So, now that I'm obsessed, I'm                                     wondering if there is a big 4 pattern out that that can be modified.

                                 Any ideas? Let's make this coat from pre-printed patterns!!!!!

I still haven't been doing any sewing for myself. With three commission jobs and a few birthday projects, I've pretty much been keeping busy when we're not setting up our shop. And working full time!  So, to get me through the weight loss transition, I've been thrifting again....which I TOTALLY love to do.  One of my favorite spots has been Clothes Mentor. I'm able to find something every time I go there, and can get some nice brand names that I otherwise wouldn't buy. It's clean, organized and has more current styles from the last year or so.

This dress is a Banana Republic knit wrap dress. Their wrap dresses are available online from the sale price of $79 up to $130.

Now this is just me, but I would never walk into a Banana Republic store and buy this dress. I wouldn't buy it online, either. But I would pay $18 for this dress and give it more life. How do I decide what to purchase at re-sale?  It has to be a classic style that can transition a few seasons. This dress is a classic style that can transition a few seasons, and also fits with my desire to buy less fast fashion off the rack. 
Can't you just see this  with some boots and a cardigan, too?

Actually, thrifting/re-sale makes such good sense when you are in a weight transition.I often think it would also be fun to have a co-op of sorts where women that are going through the same thing can all swap and share clothes.

Promise, I'll share some shop photos you can see what's been keeping me from my sewing machine these days!


  1. There is a Simplicity pattern similar, I think. You would have to add the waistbands and pockets. Love it! Great job on the thrifting.

  2. Good luck with the beautiful coat - it is beyond my your thrift dress, and the term 'weight transition'.

  3. You look great Lynne and yes you would absolutely rock in that dress with boots.

  4. Lynne, how are you losing the weight? Are you following a plan?

  5. Oh I am just aching to see the store! I admire this venture so much ~

  6. You look fabulous in this and what a great buy for $18!

  7. You could buy the Burda magazine that coat comes from on Ebay (or similar) and then you wouldn't have to do the pdf thing, if you're okay with tracing. Here's one:



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