Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday ramblings

A little of this, A little of that... some random thoughts and goings on:

JR just got back from a ski trip. I hate when he's away...while it's a nice idea to have the house to myself and be able to make my own schedule, somehow, I seem to go into hibernation when he's away. Not much in the way of sewing or painting or knitting or anything. But he's back, our home/furniture restyle business  is growing, and now I have more than enough to occupy my time.

Now I'm  like, go away again, dear! I need some productive time! You know how it is:  you can't live with him, you can't live without him!

I got accepted to do a special fitness program sponsored by my insurance company and the YMCA.  It's called FitStart. I am committed to  a three month session, which involves meeting with a small group and working out with personal trainers once a week...Please!  Twist my arm!  So far, so good.  Let's hope I'm on my way to developing some good habits and that they stick.

For the past few months, I've been teaching a knitting class at the Lee-Whedon Library. I LOVE teaching women to knit, sew, or anything. I'm so thankful that they have given me the opportunity to share this with a whole new batch of eager learners every month. And?  Preparing for the class keeps my hands out of the popcorn while television watching!

Guess what? I'm getting a new serger! Yesterday I put a deposit on a Husqvarna Viking machine. I can barely stand the wait! JR gave his complete thumbs up after he heard the name...they make good chainsaws, which in his mind, sealed the deal.

Have you read (or heard of) "Overdressed?"  It's been the talk of fashion/sewing blogs for awhile now, and I'm smack in the middle of reading it.   It's been rather shocking and revealing to me personally, and there's that bit of me that is beginning to reconcile the fact that  I've been caught in the fast fashion trap, which has even translated to my sewing. My goal and desire would be to continue to sew, and even improve the quality of my work so that my clothes are even more special. I may have more to say on this later....

On a somewhat related topic....The Michael Kors knock off trousers? Still in progress. Muslin complete.

 I've totally missed my deadline of February 28th, but that's okay. I can't get any votes on the Pattern Review RTW Contest, anyway since I have won a contest within the last four months. But DO go vote. There are some amazing entries in the gallery. Back to those pants...  I had a fabric online order mishap, and when it arrived, it was totally the wrong type of fabric for these pants. Not to worry, there's enough for me to do a pair of Clovers in this nice stretchy sateen from Denver Fabrics. So, this morning I ordered fabric AGAIN to complete these pants.  One of the many frustrations of having only Joann's fabrics from which to actually touch and select fashion fabrics locally. you always order swatches of fabric before you buy on line?

My pile of projects is growing, with some really pretty garments coming up.
But who's in a hurry, right?
I finally got the Lisette Simplicity 1666 and some fabric for that:

I've been helping my mom to makeover her guest room. That project started a few weeks ago with a bold new paint color for the walls based on a set of bedding that she chose. I'm working on painting some of the furniture pieces and doing some fabric treatments. The reveal will be coming soon!

But for today I'm getting my hair cut and then I'm spending the day with my husband, doing one of our favorite things : going to some estate sales and auctions. It's a happy day!


  1. ahhhh I love haircut days! ! You are too funny about JR gone and back!
    love your yarns

  2. Looks like you've got some great projects on the go! Unfortunately I don't have any fabric shops in my town and can only buy fabric online. I've never ordered swatches but if I was to buy a really expensive fabric for a specific project I might think of it then but for now I'm happy just ordering by looking at the images and the descriptions provided.

  3. Looks like great sewing plans and new serger - hurray!

  4. Love the name of your business. A play on your initials?

  5. OMG Lynne I had it wrong!! you are right it is
    thanks! math

  6. Awesome creativity.. I like your post.
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