Monday, June 4, 2012

Simplicity 2892

Pleeeeaaaaasssssseeeee help me get my sewing groove back on! I don't know what's the matter with me! I always told my students that when they felt overwhelmed with projects or startitis, to just do something simple. A simple project that you know is failproof and can be finished quickly. A no-brainer project. So, I took a dose of my own remedy and made a few simple tops.

When inspired by something, anything...I have a hard time thinking of anything else.
When I first saw the Cabi RompTop, I spent hours searching the internet for "paper finish chambray" and finally had to settle for washed and re-washed and washed again chambray, without a paper finish. I found my chambray at Joann's.  But I'm still looking for what would be considered a paper finish! The pattern?  Simplicity 2892. View A, without sleeves.

                     And I made yet another one, from some stash fabric...a semi-sheer linen blend print.

I did without the facings, scooped out the neck a bit,  and sewed a bias binding facing instead.
And my usual FBA.
The method I use so I don't have to add a dart is a simple slash method, illustrated here.

It's a cute basic top. I would suggest you try it! It might be just the thing you need to get you out of your sewing slump.


  1. I am planning on using that same pattern and was wondering if I should do a fba. How do you do that for a top like that with no darts. Do you just add a dart and rotate it into the pleats at the top?

  2. I have made that top a couple of times,it is a good one. Your new tops look fantastic, perfect additions to your summer wardrobe. Now, do tell, where did you find the chambray?

  3. Cute tops for warm weather. Like Kathy, I would like to know where you put the FBA dart.

    Love your style. You are always an inspiration!

  4. This does not look like a sewing slump, maybe a minor slow down! That sewing machine of yours needed a little rest, it was in a one woman marathon.
    I have been sewing, yes, me. It grabs me every once in a while. Funny enough, a simple tank top today.

    But I really came over to ask about Scotty and his progress because I really want to meet him this summer. Throw me a bone, will ya?

  5. The FBA I use so I don't have to add a dart is a simple slash enlargement. You can see one at
    Of course, the bonus with this top is that it does have those pleats at the neckline, which allows you even more wiggle room.

  6. Lori, I found the chambray at Joann's. I'd still like to find a finer fabric to use for this particular top, though.

  7. I must have been really tired earlier in the week when I wrote the comment on the gorgeous top!!!!

    YOu have to be my seamstress when I win the lotto!


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